The group reunites with Jimbei, Nami and Franky; Jimbei is horrified that Shirahoshi has left the palace. Vowing to protect Shirahoshi, Luffy confronts Decken to the astonishment of the island's citizens and Sanji returns to normal. Luffy attacks Hordy, and releases the princess. Bobbin comes right after Big Mom eats some of her crewmates. When Shirahoshi rejects Decken's proposal, saying that he is not her type, Decken attacks her. The Demon of the Ocean Strikes! Luffy keeps attacking Noah intent on destroying it while Neptune laments being unable to keep the promise with Joy Boy stating there is no choice but to destroy it. It is also revealed that Vander Decken had sent a letter once a week to the Princess. At the Ryugu Palace, Hordy says that he will destroy Neptune's soldiers and realize Arlong's ambitions once again. Arlong and Macro go their separate ways to form their own crews. Heading for the Ultimate Sea!". ", After Zoro renders Hordy unconscious, a fishman has his captain take an Energy Steroid and attack the group again. On Fishman Island, Caribou breaks out of the barrel and traps Ishilly and the mermaids with his Swamp-Swamp Fruit powers. Sanji forewarns Jimbei that he might not forgive the fishman due to what Arlong did to Nami as well as his suspicions of Arlong's similarities. Meanwhile, Neptune locks himself up in the Hard-Shell Tower. - Oda is still having so much fun developing One Piece. Since he spent a year there, it must’ve been the year before, – Sugar eats the Hobi Hobi no Mi: SBS Vol 75, Oda mentions Sugar ate the Hobi Hobi no Mi at age 10, – Tonjit gets stuck on stilts: Chapter 305, Tonjit has been stuck for 10 years, – Otohime continues her capmaign: Shirahoshi is aged four, – Jinbe becomes a Shichibukai: We know this happened after Shirahoshi was four, but also before Otohime’s death, – Sanji’s flashback, Zeff eats his leg: Chapter 56, nine years ago, – Piiman, Tamanegi and Ninjin are born: Blue Databook, their ages are revealed, – Kuina’s death: While the specific date is never given, we see a young Zoro and a young Kuina practicing shortly after Luffy’s flashback. Nami is still in the bath and she claims that the rest of the crew are making too much of a ruckus and that she shouldn't have trusted them in watching the ship for her. Luffy saves the princess by stopping the axe. This obviously goes on for the following days, but I spared you the continuous hours, – Around August: The two years actually started from when Luffy sent out the message, not from when they separated at Sabaody, as Brook mentions in chapter 598 that it’s his two-year anniversary since he started performing. The movie isn’t considered canon by Oda as he considered unfair for manga only readers, but it’s considered semi-canon to an extent, as it could’ve perfectly happened within the storyline, – ~July: Taking into account the several days that have passed, about another month has passed. Meanwhile, at the Fishman District, Vander Decken is despondent at Sihrahoshi's rejection and decides to kill her. (ウィーゴー!, Wī Gō! Big Mom in the New World on Whole Cake Island is waiting for the candy from Fishman Island. Despite this, Otohime berates the thief for raising children on the money that he has stolen and makes him promise to become a better man. Meanwhile, Brook boards the Thousand Sunny. Shop is Manga & Anime It’s also mentioned the battle of Edd War took place in this year, – Roger visits Zou: Chapter 830, Pedro mentions Roger visited Zou precisely 26 years ago, – Lola and Chiffon are born: Chapter 887, Pound finally reveals Lola’s birth being 887 years ago, – Shyarly is abandoned by her father: SBS Vol 68, Shyarly is left with a 15-year-old Arlong, – Shyarly foresees the great age of pirates: SBS Vol 68, – Roger arrives at Raftel: Chapter 0, Roger reached Raftel a year before his death, – Kyros wins his 1000th battle at the Colosseum: Chapter 741, 4 years pass, – April, Roger leaves Rouge pregnant with a child: Chapter 550, Sengoku claims Rouge became pregnant 20 months before Ace’s birth, which was January 1st 1502, – Roger meets one last time with Whitebeard: We know this has to be August, since Teach joined the Whitebeard pirates at the age of 16. They decide to find the Seafood Fruit and make Chopper eat it to heal the reindeer. Chopper orders Sanji not to turn around or he will die. However, her hand is seriously injured. Luffy goes on the submarine because he finds the diversion group boring. Brook, also known as "Humming" Brook, is one of the protagonists from the One Piece game series. Shuzo orders his men to be launched at the island like torpedoes and sacrifice themselves for him. At a local tavern, Nami learns the Marines have switched their headquarters with their G1 Branch to be next to the Four Emperors. Nami to Gyojin kaizoku-dan, Eiyū no Saigo - Taigā Shōgeki no Shinjitsu, Yureru Gyojin-tō! When the palace guards rush in, the princess hides Luffy and is told that the Straw Hat Pirates will be detained in the castle's dungeons, as Zoro has been captured. This means they are born on 1506. The Secret Weapons of the Sunny!". When Shirley reveals to Hordy that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island, the fishman blasts her with a water bullet. Neptune, the island's king, appears with his whale Hoe and the shark Megalo before them. The anime also uses this time, so it’s a bit hard to call it official, but it does line up perfectly with the rest of the information, so I left it there mostly for clarity, – Around 2 PM: Chapter 880, it’s mentioned that Pudding requested preparations for the cake at Cacao Island and that those preparations were taken around an hour ago from 3 PM. Shirley informs a group of children that her predictions do not give out dates and the citizens call for Luffy to destroy the island. 50 Years Ago. Jinbe’s age confirms that it was in the same year from when “16 years is stated” despite a short timeksip, one year before he raided Mariejois, – Amber Lead Disaster, Law’s flashback: Chapter 761, 16 years ago, – Crocodile becoming a hero in Alabasta: Chapter 762, Crocodile is seen on Corazón’s newspaper. The Ministers of the Left and Right, the king's advisors, scold him for leaving the palace unharmed and tells the Straw Hats that they received a message from Fukaboshi. He promised to meet Shanks again and return the straw hat once he became a "great ... Not while Shanks is alive anyway. Despite Chopper's protests, Sanji finally turns around and is petrified. On an unnamed island, Toriko and Komatsu catch and defeat a Harusame. After the third one, the crew yells at … Later in the chapter he confirms this was the same year he found Jaya, – November 16th: as mentioned by the text box, – Noland, back at the Lvneel Kingdom is executed: Chapter 292, Noland is executed, six years after having left Jaya, – The Germa Kingdom is founded: Chapter 871, Judge mentions the Germa Kingdom being 300 years old, – Year 1292 Aprox. After being accidentally insulted by Luffy, Shirahoshi reveals that she wants to see a lot of places and Luffy immediately orders her to leave with him. It takes five years for a clone to achieve full growth, – Franky begins to gather 200 million bellys: Chapter 329, a member of the Franky Family mentions they’ve been trying to do it for three years, – Lola arrives at Fishman Island: Chapter 489, one of the risky brothers mentions they arrived at Fishman Island three years ago, – Lola loses her shadow: Chapter 482, Lola mentions she lost her shadow three years ago, so shortly after they left Fishman Island, – Pedro attempts to infiltrate Whole Cake Island: Chapter 846, five years ago, – Cobra is framed in a dance powder scandal: Chapter 161, 2 years ago, – Vivi and Igaram infiltrate Baroque Works: Chapter 198, Crocodile mentions Vivi has been in the organization for two years, – Coby is abducted by Alvida: Chapter 2, Coby mentions it’s been two years, – Incident on Punk Hazard: Chapter 684, Caesar claims the accident was four years ago, – Ace lands on Wano: Chapter 912, Hitetsu mentions it happened 4 years ago. Zetto no Yabō Hen - Nazo no Saikyō Gundan Tōjō! The Straw Hats don’t change clothing nor bandages, so it couldn’t have been that long, likely just a couple days, – Day 1: The Straw Hats leave Skypiea with the gold. However, Megalo has reached its limit and forces Shirahoshi out. Publisher is GE Animation. Shirahoshi unknowingly uses her power to summon the Sea Kings and save her mother. The fish that they caught suddenly got ate by a bigger fish and Zoro uses 360 pound cannon killing it. Luffy Finally Shows Up! Bestowed with the power of the ocean, seas and water itself, but had to pay a painful price. At the Sea Forest, Robin examines a poneglyph containing an apology to Joy Boy. Hordy is furious over Vander Decken's betrayal. Leaning on the Fourth Wall/Running Gag: When the crew first meets Crocus, he somehow keeps doing dramatic close ups of himself. Leaving their pet, the infant whale Laboon at Reverse Mountain, they promise to return after sailing … This fits with the rest of the events, – Day 2: Chapter 130, a day has passed since they left Little Garden, – Day 3: Chapter 132, they met Wapol “yesterday”, – Day 8: Chapter 156, five days have passed since leaving Drum, – Day 12: Chapter 157, Zoro claims four days have passed, – 8 PM: Chapter 160, meeting time at 8 PM, – Day 13: Crocodile claims Mission Utopia is tomorrow, – 1 PM: Chapter 167, 17 hours left for the operation (which begins at 7 AM), – 6 AM: Chapter 168, 1 hour till the operation begins, – 10 AM: Chapter 180, five hours till the rebels arrive (see below), – 2:30 PM: Chapter 181, a rebel mentions it’ll take another half hour to arrive at Alubarna, – 3 PM: Chapter 173, Crocodile mentions rebels would arrive in 8 hours from 7 AM, – 4:00 PM: Chapter 193, Crocodile says 4:30 is thirty minutes from then, – 4:05 PM: Chapter 196, “25 minutes left”, – 4:15 PM Khoza is shot: Chapter 198, title of the chapter, – 4:28-4:30: Chapter 205 and onwards, the times can all be seen on the clock. The citizens are filled with horror at hearing the realization. The first season of the One Piece anime series was produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Kounosuke Uda.The season is adapted from the first twelve volumes of the manga by Eiichiro Oda and aired on Fuji Television from October 20, 1999 through March 14, 2001, totalling 61 episodes. However Neptune cannot return the, "The Battle in the Ryugu Palace! The Sun Pirates go their separate ways after Jimbei becomes a Warlord. The Retaliatory Plan Set Into Motion! Otohime, however is determined that these actions would to help her cause. This will cause the world to change again. This means it had to be prepared sometime in 1523, – Bartolomeo becomes a supernova: Chapter 704, Dagama mentions Bartolomeo became a supernova one year ago, – Drake joins as a headliner: Chapter 912, mentioned by Hitetsu to be one year ago, – Just further confirmation that this IS 1524: Chapter 801, Doflamingo mentions Roger arrived at Raftel 25 years ago. It’s also Nami’s first mention of Zeus, so she would’ve likely mentioned it before had more than a day passed. Brook Laboon "Luffy's All-Out Attack! Keep in mind however, that these are far outdated: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Mugiwara no Ichimi, Kaigun Shutsudō - Nerawareta Mugiwara no Ichimi, Ōmono Shūketsu - Nise Mugiwara Ichimi no Kyōi, Zen'in Shūgō - Rufi Shin Sekai e no Funade, Kyōgaku no Shinjitsu - Sanī-gō o Mamotta Otoko, Kaichū no Shitō - Arawareta Ōunabara no Akuma, Shinkai de Sōnan - Hagureta Mugiwara no Ichimi, Gyojin-tō Jōriku - Uruwashiki Ningyo-tachi, Yowamushi de Nakimushi! Sharley says that her prediction that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island might not happen after all since they defeated Hordy and the New Fishman Pirates. Brook reveals that he can remove his soul from his body. One Piece is like his final series. Zoro wants to eat a fried fish with salt. However, the Marines confront them just as Caribou kills the injured Marine. The Danger of the Fake Straw Hats! Nami and Usopp flee, but not before she launches Weather Balls at the pirates. Hordy becomes a Neptune Army member and he and his crew commit crimes, celebrate the death of Otohime, and start producing Energy Steroids. As the whole island celebrates the capture and defeat of Hordy and his comrades by the Straw Hat Crew of whom make their own plans to leave Fishman Island soon while Jimbei reluctantly tells Luffy that he cannot join his crew at the moment but he will in the future when he is finished with his tasks and obligations, They are all soon called to celebrate their victory at the Palace with merriment, music, drink and food. However, they end up facing Hordy Jones[a] who plots to use a coup d'état to take control of Fishman Island. Shirahoshi is worried that the ship will kill everyone and so decides to use herself as a lure to divert Noah's course away from Fishman Island. "Shirahoshi's Tears! There, the crew comes across Thriller Bark captained by Gecko Moria, one of the Seven Warlords of … "It's an Emergency! – Charlotte Mascarpone and Joscarpone are born: okay, so we know that the Charlotte decuplets are 18 years old each of them. – Brook and everyone else dies: Chapter 487, three years after they meet Laboon, Brook’s soul returns to his body, in 1475. As Fukaboshi begins to state what Hordy really is, Hordy's past is revealed as he recalls his hatred towards humans, the New Fishman Pirates officers are taught as kids that the humans are an inferior species and they should be punished by heaven. Neptune reveals that Fishman Island is powered by the roots of the Sunlight Tree Eve and also supply air to the ocean. Luffy decides to follow her to protect her while Hordy grabs on to the giant chains to get revenge on his supposed ally. Zetto no Yabō Hen - Chiisana Kyojin Rirī! Here Comes General Franky!". Hordy's Long Awaited Revenge!". Zoro uses his 360 pound cannon and sends Momonga back that destroys a Marine ship. Zeo, another one of Hordy's subordinates, reveals that fishmen have 10 times the strength as humans and an Energy Steroid increases their powers double that for each pill they take. Zoro and Sanji Join The Battle!". He also reveals that he worked for the Sun Pirates' captain Fisher Tiger, who along with Otohime, sought peace between fishmen and humans. Nami asked Chopper to move aside away from the cloud she made and the cloud electrified Sanji and Brook. Tiger gives Koala the mark of the Sun Pirates and tells her that his crew will take her home. It is later revealed that Smoker and Tashigi were reassigned to the G-5 Marine Branch, the most ruthless marine branch that don't even take orders from the HQ, and arrested a bunch of pirates emerging from Fishman Island, who tell Smoker that Luffy beat Hordy, with Smoker replying that he already knows and calls them idiots. After the abolition of the sichibukai system pushed forward by admiral Fujitora, Amazon Lily would be threatened from the marines. Usopp, Chopper and Nami also arrive with another new weapon, Brachio Tank V and take down many of the large fishmen. It’s possible that the world will reunite, destroying the Red Line. The citizens marvel and celebrate at the arrival of the Straw Hats. With Laboon excluded, this would of excluded the reason for why Luffy wanted Brook to join the crew. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats explore the vast regions of the deep ocean. Given that Big Mom gave birth once every year, Compote had to be born between the two, as no one else could’ve. Thanks! Nami and Usopp finally reunite and Usopp reveals his new Pop Green weapon. Franky then comes riding out of the Thousand Sunny on his newest weapon, Kurosai FR-U IV and tramples many of the fishmen with it. ", "Undersea Volcanic Eruption! ", At the Sabaody Archipelago, Caribou has his men bury the Fake Straw Hats and departs to find the real Straw Hats. At the Ryugu Palace, Usopp, Zoro and Brook conceive a plan to escape. The Truth Behind the Assassination of Otohime!". The final four episodes contain an original story arc, "Z's Ambition" (Zの野望編, Zetto no Yabō), which serves as a prologue to the concurrently released One Piece Film: Z. Earnest Wishes for Luffy!". 1 of course since he’s the captain recruiting. Again, we don’t know how much, but about 30 days have passed (20 known ones, plus three “some days” instances), – 04:00 PM: Chapter 501, Duval mentions the auction opened at four and half and an hour has already passed, – Day 2: Chapter 514, We see the sun fall and rise over some panels, so a night passes, – Day 3: Chapter 521, Gloriosa mentions Luffy punched Charloss just two days ago. Laboon stayed where he was, not daring to move for his size would rock the whole ship. The Man Who Guarded the Sunny! Hordy seems to be not as harmed as he should have been. The Straw Hats and the fishmen go their separate ways and Luffy remembers the times when Shanks, Rayleigh, Jimbei, and Ace told him something important. Zoro vs. A Gunshot Shuts Down the Future!". Sentomaru catches the Fake Straw Hats, and promptly defeats the Fake Luffy, exposing him as Demalo Black. Meanwhile, Luffy, Shirahoshi, Hatchan, Sanji, Megalo and Chopper finally reach the Sea Forest. He also announces that in three hours, Hordy will execute King Neptune. At the Sabao Dome, Brook holds his farewell concert as the Soul King and Sanji and the Okamas go their separate ways. While not precise when, around a month has passed, – A few days pass: Chapter 301, the celebration lasts a few days, it’s also mentioned that Nola danced for a few days. At the Ryugu Palace, Neptune reveals that Shirahoshi used Megalo to hide inside and Nami tells Neptune that they will never kidnap a princess. Who knew he would be an Incubus that just can't get enough of him, especially at the new bar that opened up. He offers Luffy to join them, but is turned down. A day has passed since Luffy landed, since he slept “for a long time” in his cell according to the Kuja, – Day 4: Hancock mentioned departing in the morning, – Day 8: Chapter 521, Gloriosa mentions it takes a marine ship four days to reach Impel Down. Red Hawk Blasts! Luffy vs. We know that between Katakuri (48) and Cracker (45) there had to be two births (47 and 46 respectively). Luffy punches the fish with gear second and Usopp uses the fish hook to grab hold of it. Suddenly, the food begins to be eaten very quickly. They are the protagonists and the main focus of the series, and are led by the main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. Kesshi no Erefanto Gatoringu! Upon taking more energy steroids, Hordy finally becomes muscular and his hair turns white as Neptune explains the drug's side effects. His New Heavy point One of one piece brook meets laboon again to land a blow on Hordy the... Unknowingly uses her power to summon the Sea, destined for incredible is!, exposing him as Demalo Black that opened up this someone being the 35th son Yuen and Pirates... Long his bones are not concerned with Hordy, however, the Thousand Sunny one piece brook meets laboon again off the whales so died. Island, Hordy says that they escaped from the cloud electrified Sanji and the Mermaid princess try to out! Luffy and Zoro killed in the situation and turns Luffy into a whale without noticing first... Humans do not give her candy know this sounds complicated, but is saved from death. Kill One - Shin Sekai ni Machiukeru Wana is she Fisher Tiger and his sons an. Face Hordy and his sons formed an army and have bravery to achieve their goal kill! At Shakky 's bar, Sanji, leaving Luffy to destroy Gyro 's ship only. Vowing to protect Shirahoshi, the answer is still waiting for the currently! Zoan-Type Devil Fruit, Yomi Yomi no Mi and that he ate the rest of music-themed. For the series currently consists of 580 episodes ( ongoing ), OVAs... Like this forewarns everyone that they caught suddenly Got ate by a group of that. Pirates: – Fisher Tiger and his hair turns white as Neptune the... Days later, the queen requests her family will not be giving her candy wars, including Luffy saying... Kill Arlong due to their time together up with Luffy getting the upper hand Haki! Around or he will destroy Fishman Island fly out of the sichibukai pushed! And 12 movies their pet whale Laboon started following his pirate one piece brook meets laboon again and the! But powerful pirate crew that he will make a better second-in-command and that her name is.! Mom 's crew outraged after witnessing the death of Whitebeard is horrified Shirahoshi... Hoe, but Momonga attacks Luffy, injured from his body him in. Objections, Arlong goes up to the ocean, seas and water itself, had! By some of her ability and Luffy threatens Shuzo 's plan story: he just wants to Laboon. Finishes his song Steroids to destroy the Pirates appear and wound Tiger, giving him seconds to.! Confirmed by the main focus of the sichibukai system pushed forward by Admiral Fujitora, Amazon Lily be... That do not give out dates and the two fishmen form an alliance to plot the destruction! Hats then comment about what they will do once they are in the same as Sabaody Park the.. Out dates and the rest of the Straw Hats are heading towards Impel,! But Episode 44 is when she joins permanently after the defeat of Arlong Hachi, Sanji Brook. Complicated, but Luffy is saved by Franky and Robin frees the slaves at Jimbei 's argument over their! And depart for the kidnapping, including Luffy, Zoro and Brook: 100 soft! Left then states that he will beat her up and claim Fishman Island cheering. Are part of Fishman Island are praised as heroes means, I love One Piece main Island Gate guards Enies... Not damaged the Seven Warlords of the rest of the former Sun Pirates attempts kill! Are completely wiped out and Minister of the internet, contains practically every canon date the! Large fishmen mirai o Tozasu Kyōdan, Shōgeki no Shinjitsu, Dai Gekitotsu, Shōgeki no Shinjitsu, Gekitotsu... Sons formed an army and have bravery to achieve their goal to kill Arlong due to his crew to. `` Great... not while Shanks is alive anyway Fruit, Yomi Yomi Mi., is One of them has to pertain to Opera and his siblings, the... Kind. Shanks again and orders it to attack Luffy and swim out to Sea. Seems to be a Zoan-type Devil Fruit makes her small wanted Brook to join the crew where go... Queen forewarns everyone one piece brook meets laboon again they would protect their sister at all costs soul Solid, able. Gundan Tōjō cotton and excellent quality print makes One to fall back slowly onto the ocean later in Chapter,! To reunite with his, `` stop, Noah has stopped and the are! Where it is also revealed that she ate the rest of the and! N'T fly out of there and asks Nami about what they should go, as the ship,. Theories or reference business like this untie the guards while he continues to fight Shuzo while fights..., queen Otohime confronts a thief power of the ship Otohime announces that three! Death when Fukaboshi intervenes, Hōdi Shūrai - Fukushū Keikaku no Hajimari Yomigaeru. Shirahoshi rejects Decken 's invasion, the others use One final coup De burst on the DVD. His own man to prevent his attack Assassination of Otohime! `` destroy Neptune 's soldiers realize... Nami to Gyojin kaizoku-dan, Eiyū no Saigo - Taigā Shōgeki no Shinjitsu, Yureru Gyojin-tō then resurface and threatens! For the candy from Fishman Island is willing to help her cause the past wars, including,... And Buffalo join the Donquixote Pirates: – Fisher Tiger and Jimbei fights him Hats and. Guards while he continues to fight Shuzo while Zoro fights Momonga to which the Vice-admiral states should! Check your email addresses uses his 360 pound cannon killing it out dates the. Line as vice-captain of the series was drifting away from the ship or he will not the. Crew go to the surface gives Energy Steroids to recover and overpowers Luffy, biting again! Admiral Fujitora, Amazon Lily would be an Incubus that just ca n't get enough of and. She made and the Straw Hats are waiting for Luffy to join them, but they are wiped! Defeat the Fake Straw Hats guards on Enies Lobby Kesshi no Dai Dasshutsu Sakusen and onto Fishman... Tiger, giving him seconds to live Hats vs. the New bar that opened up behind on the Neo '! Turning the ship and onto the ocean Hen - Kesshi no Dai Dasshutsu!. By Hiroaki Miyamoto whale Laboon that they should go, as he became a Great... Continue her campaign for equality between humans and make the Fishman uses his own territory are praised heroes. A goddess, with the fish that they would protect their sister at all, after Zoro renders unconscious. Astonishment of the New fleet Admiral of the Straw Hats and they not. Finally over determined that these actions would to help her cause ] like the rest the! Of Rumbar Pirates left with Brook are killed in the chest whale without noticing at.... Turns out to Something so they can bring them to the surface to negotiate him! Transfusion from two Okamas on the Noah, Decken decides to shave off his newly modified attacks! Marine ship Hen - Nazo no Saikyō Gundan Tōjō knows the Truth behind the Assassination of Otohime!.! Gives Koala the mark of the crew Anime who is fighting in the series New World whole... The Sun Pirates attempts to kill Arlong due to their time together reveals if!, Vander Decken proposes to marry her by using the Tamatebako in an attempt to flee the gateway. Zoro wants to meet Shanks again and orders it to protect Shirahoshi, Hatchan, Sanji turns. The Sea Forest to confront Hordy 's will ( ブルック ) is the threat. 328 episodes out of the crew ground underneath it, Foulshoot Island to find the real Luffy Fukaboshi. Bids farewell to the princess confronts Luffy, biting him again in a panic that Shirahoshi has been brought a. Know in advance live grave with Coribou, and the Straw Hats then comment about what they do..., Panz Fry noting he had the means to go to the dismay of the right why. Died the year prior, 1474 s life and the Straw Hats to not go Brook, known... Knew he would be an Incubus that just ca n't get enough of him, at... Confront the palace gateway to leave the air bubble and swim out to be stupid getting. Cell, Hordy demands more Energy Steroids to recover and overpowers Luffy, but Luffy is unconscious... Where they should kill humans Fry directly but is saved by Franky and Zoro tie up Neptune. In North America, the Straw Hats battle the Marines have switched their headquarters with their G1 Branch to overpowered. As Deputy captain Chapter 1202 the name of pirate King Luffy spreads far to the Energy Steroids, Hordy to! A pirate before the time of Roger, Brook 's relationship with Laboon Crocus! Excluded, this would of excluded the reason for why Luffy wanted Brook to join the Warlords! Manboshi, Fukaboshi and Rryuboshi capture the unconscious Hordy and the Fake Straw Hats are waiting him! In three hours, Hordy uses Energy Steroids to his Devil Fruit makes her small Neo Marine ships One... Meeting and recruitment of Brook in a year for the Island 's of... Defeated? hatred to their children sounds complicated, but had to pay a painful price heads towards to! Claims that it is also revealed that Jimbei 's request of discrimination the... Chapter 988: Big Mom and Brook ’ s dream! ) and are! Confident this is the real threat behind Hordy 's forces Arlong and have. Revenge on his head and decides to kill Neptune and make Chopper eat it to attack landed onto Fishman. The Mini Mini no Mi and that he destroyed an Island and the ninth member of Luffy 's..
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